GENESIS is an international real estate fund and multifunctional operating platform created on the basis of blockchain and digital technologies.
All invested funds are used for buying of real estate that become the property of the platform and form its assets, creating the basis for the future development and increase of the market value of project.

The innovative solutions realized in GENESIS provide the harmonic combination of classic methods of investments in real estate with the possibilities of the most progressive and modern achievements of digital economy.
The simplicity and convenience of investing, the exclusion of intermediaries, the elimination of borders and freedom of choice, stable guaranteed profit, the highest level of reliability and security of investments are the main features of GENESIS.

Safety and security of

Risk diversification and
high liquidity

Tokens are secured by real

GENESIS is the future of investment market of
real estate that we are creating now

GENESIS platform

GENESIS platform is the united corporate structure that combines all the main features and legal aspects of classic company and technological decentralized projects created on the basis of blockchain technologies.

A clear and informative user interface with a system of private accounts will provide investors with all necessary information about the investment objects, interests and payments, transactions, the current market rate of assets and other information.

GENESIS will allow to invest in traditional investment tools, such as real estate, in a simple and convenient way. At the same time, it will give to investors the access to use the developing distributed economy of digital opportunities such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Tokenization of real estate properties

The concept of GENESIS provides the internal project tokenization (an accounting division to tokens) of all real estate, owned by company. One GES token will actually represent the part of value of all real estate, owned by GENESIS platform presented in cryptocurrency.

The investors of GENESIS owning of GES tokens, indirectly become the owners of corresponding part of all real estate, owned by platform. With the development of legislation, the tokenization of real estate will allow to identify the real estate assets through digital signatures and to legally register all members of GENESIS as the owners of real estate. GENESIS platform guarantees and provides such registration.

Guarantee of tokens by real assets

GENESIS one of the first projects in the world where its own project cryptocurrency, GES token, is guaranteed with real assets. And not just any assets, but the assets with the highest degree of safety: real estate.

Each GES token is equivalent to one euro of the value of real estate that belongs to GENESIS. The value of real estate will be confirmed through an independent market assessment made by a first-rate European valuer company.

The planed and phased system of releasing of GES tokens on market guaranteed by real estate owned by platform, eliminates the free circulation of unsecured tokens.

The volatility of digital currency and possible collapses of digital currency can not influence to the rate of GES tokens, as its value is based on the value of real assets and stable positive economic indexes of GENESIS.

Obligatory repurchase of tokens

One of the key parameters of GENESIS is the rule of obligatory repurchase of tokens, owned by investor. The investor can leave the project and get back the invested money from the project. The investor will be able to realize the right to leave the project any time after the start of operations according to established procedure.

After the ITO of GENESIS and listing tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, the process of leaving the project by investor will be simplified through free sales of GES tokens on exchange. It will not only protect the investments but will also potentially support exchange rates of tokens in future. All detailed information is available in “The provision of procedure and the terms of repurchase of tokens of GENESIS”.

Listing of GENESIS tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges

The investment strategy of project provides the obligatory listing of GES tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. The listing of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges will be done upon reaching the planned levels of operational activity. The approximate date of listing of GES tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges is set on second half of 2019.

The estimated financial models used for the forecasting of possible variation of exchange rate of GES tokens took into account the reaching of planned levels of operational activity of project, show that exchange rate of GES tokens within 6 to 9months after the listing can reach 3.0 – 7.5 euro for 1 GES with a nominal price 1 euro for 1 GES.

The listing of GES tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges is possible before the second half of 2019 if the project will achieve the planned values of target indicators early.

Regular income payment

The payment of income to investors from the commercial usage of real estate owned by GENESIS will be done on the regular basis every three months. The first payment of profit to investors will be done in October, 2018.

The profit got from the commercial usage of real estate arrives to the electronic account of GENESIS. It is independently and automatically distributed to accounts of investors inside the system, according to the specified conditions and quantity of tokens. The investor has no restrictions and/or conditions of using the received profit. Income payments and the distribution of funds to investors’ personal accounts will be controlled through a SMART contract in an automated mode.

Real estate pools

The operation of GENESIS is done according to the rule of buying real estate based on pools. All real estate will be purchased by the GENESIS platform within preformed pools consisting of several properties.

The initial investment pool will include retail and business real estate. All real estate included in the investment pool will be diversified by the purpose of properties (commercial, business and retail real estate) and by property location (by country). The first pool will consist of real estate located in different European countries.

We expect that this approach will allow us to diversify investors' commercial and economic risks and offer tp investors the maximum stable and risk-free profits.

Simple and transparent investment procedure

Easy to use, clear and informative user interface of GENESIS with personal accounts system will provide investors with all necessary information about the investments, the account charges and payments, transactions, the actual rate of assets and other information.

The using of blockchain technology and smart contracts, as well as the using of its own tokens, makes the investment procedure simple and useful, and it allows to almost completely computerize all the process of register in project and verification of investors, charging and distributing of income, leaving the project, selling and exchanging of tokens for the tokens of other projects and/or digital currency.

$ 228 trn

The value of the world real estate

$ 32,5 trn

Total value of commercial
real estate at the moment

According to analysts,
the world real estate is
more expensive than all stocks,
bonds and debt securities

Investment strategy

The medium-term investment strategy of GENESIS guarantees a phased and economically reasonable development of the project for the three-year period of 2018–2020.

The strategy provides the main directions of the company's development, the forms and methods of reaching the declared medium-term goals. The plan of development of the project for the period after 2020 is included in long-term development strategy.

The medium-term development strategy of GENESIS is based on establishing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as the main financial, economic and market (marketing) indicators of the company's activity.

ROE indexes forecast
The key performance indicators
of project

This is an aggregate indicator that characterizes the value of project assets and the number of project participants who own GES tokens in comparison with the other projects with comparable parameters. The number of project participants is a more important indicator for determination and predicting the liquidity of GES tokens when they are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

This indicator also characterizes the company's development and its competitive advantages in the market. At the same time, it reflects to the credibility of project and demonstrates its prospects for development.


The indicator of financial stability reflects the ratio of the project's own capital to borrowed capital. The lower the value of indicator, the more financially stable is the project.

For example, the financial stability indicator with a value of 0.5 is considered to be a very good in the rating of world's top banks.

This indicator shows the degree of financial stability and attractively of the project for investments. The safety of the project for investors in terms of guarantees the company's liabilities by real assets and finances.


ROE is a coefficient which indicates for an investor the profitability of his/her investment activities, profit from the assets invested in the project. This indicator shows profit or loss from the investments in the project. This indicator demonstrates financial opportunities and planned income from participation in GENESIS.

This is a complex indicator which combines an investor's direct income from commercial usage of real estate (lease payments), income received from external special projects, and additional indirect income from the growth of the market value of real estate.

ROE indicator DOES NOT include the changes in the market price of GES token from the growth of current prices or increase the market value of the investor’s investment portfolio. An increase the market value of investment portfolio is an additional income of investor.

Fund raising of project

The concept and medium-term strategy of GENESIS provides a phase increase in the assets owned by the company.

An increase of project’s assets will be done by a phased and planned public token offerings from 2018 to 2020. During this period it is planned to place on the market about 250 million GES tokens. 50-60 million tokens in 2018, 50-60 million tokens in 2019, 120 – 130 million tokens in 2020.

Starting from the second pool of GES tokens in 2018, multiplying coefficients will be applied to the nominal token price during a sale.

After GES token will be included in the listings of cryptocurrency exchanges, all new GES token pools will be traded at the current market exchange price.

Based on the exchange price, the offering of 250 million tokens will allow us to buy by GENESIS by 2021 and to form a total real estate fund with a minimum asset value of approximately €500–750 million.

Forecast of value of GENESIS assets

Conservative scenario

Minimal value of GENESIS assets

Base scenario

Planned base value of GENESIS
assets taking in account the
allocation of 250 million of
GES tokens at market value

ITO of the GENESIS project

The distribution of GES tokens will be done in several stages, according to the investment strategy of project development. Until the full distribution of all issued tokens among investors, all undistributed tokens (tokens, which are not purchased during the ITO) will be placed in reserve.

Total issue is
1 000 000 000 of GES tokens
Payment accepted in
80% are investors
18% are organizers
2% - bounty
Issue of tokens is
Tokens are issued
one time
Period of ITO:

From the 1st of April, 2018 to the 15th of May, 2018

SOFT CAP (the minimum volume of sold tokens) is 3 000 000 Euro.

Period of purchasing of tokens Bonus value
Preliminary registration 15%
April 1 – 6, 2018 7,5%
April 7 – 13, 2018 3,5%
April 14 – 20, 2018 2%
Remaining period No bonus charged
Project development plan


€ 3 mln.

€ 6 mln.

€ 12 mln.

€ 30 mln.

€ 100 mln.
or more


January 25, 2018

Start of pre-registration!

April 1 - May 15, 2018

Initial ITO of project

May 2018

Transferring tokens to the partners' personal accounts

May – June 2018

Evaluation, purchase and registration of real estate.

June 2018

Launch of online platform.
Start of operating activities and launch of office

July 2018

Development of mobile application for investor's user accounts.

October 2018

First payment to investors. Launch of platform's internal exchange (GDEX)

IV quarter of 2018

Token pool offering. Bringing the value of company's assets
up to €50–60 million. Launch of first special project.

2019 year

Listing of GES token on exchanges. Token pool offering.
Bringing the value of company's assets up to €100–120 million.

2020 year

Token pool offering. Bringing the value of company's assets
up to €250–300 million in the nominal GES token value.

Technical specifications of GENESIS project
Blockchain technology module

The Blockchain Technology module is responsible for a distributed registry that ensures the automation of all processes, reliability, and the 100% secure of project data storage, including the database of investors, the number of their tokens, the calculation and payment of profit. ?

Blockchain technology module

Blockchain technology module also guarantees the storage of all transactions in the project (register in the project and profile information, sale of tokens, voting on issues of choice real estate). It makes it fundamentally impossible to change the registration data and the database of all transactions.

As the additional guarantees of the rights of investors and the protection of their investments, is provided the mandatory inclusion in the technical characteristics of the project the system of digital signature that provides the 100% guaranteed identification of authorized user.

Smart contract module

This module is responsible for the automated execution of obligations by GENESIS platform and by investors. This obligations cannot be changed unilaterally. The smart contract system regulates revenue distribution, token sale, and the entry and withdrawal from the project. ?

Smart contract module

The Smart Contracts block is the key mechanism for ensuring that all operations and actions in the project's ecosystem are based on the rules and requirements that have been initially agreed and accepted by all parties.

After the launching of smart contract system, it is impossible to add and to change unilaterally the initial conditions of the project’s operation.

REIT block

The REIT block means that the company's business model includes some operational and functional business processes of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) ?

REIT block

The REIT block will ensure the transparency of GENESIS's operation, mandatory reports and audit, voting mechanisms on the issues of choice of real estate, the procedure of formation and spending the development fund, and the opportunity for investors to withdraw funds from the project by repurchasing tokens.

The REIT block ensures the credibility of company, protects the investors' interests, and helps to attract conservative and institutional investors.

Crypto assets module: tokens and cryptocurrency

The Crypto-assets module provides the issue of project tokens within GENESIS's framework. Project tokens are a digital dematerialized asset that is assured by real assets owned by the platform. This type of crypto-assets certifies the right of the owner to get a share of profit from the commercial usage of real estate and guarantees its owner the right to participate in the activities of platform under agreed conditions and rules. ?

Crypto assets module: tokens and cryptocurrency

Investors will enter the project by purchasing a certain number of tokens. Investors can leave the project by selling the tokens.

A token is an accounting investment unit. The profit of investor is calculated and distributed according to the number of tokens owned by him/her. All tokens accrues the equal profit regardless the price of purchasing by a project participant.

Crowd investment block

The Crowdinvesting block means that the company business model includes methods and business processes of collective marketing and automated investment attraction mechanism. It allows to attract funds from the investors all over the world, making the project accessible for the different groups of investors. There is simple and convenient mechanism to join the project, and the automation of investment processes. ?

Crowd investment block

This block will allow to attract funds from the different groups of investors, with various financial opportunities and location. It will expand geographical boundaries of the project, making the investment procedure as simple as possible, convenient and fast.

Guaranteed participation of investors in making decisions

The operational model of project provides investors with the opportunity to choose the real estate for purchase. Investors will be given the right to choose among the objects of equal economic attractiveness. Voting procedure will be realized on the basis of blockchain technology. ?

Guaranteed participation of investors in making decisions

The opportunity to choose the real estate for all investors increases the economic attractiveness of GENESIS for a wide range of investors, not only institutional but also a private and creates the mechanisms for investors to control the development and operating of project.

About the company

To make the digital technologies available for any investor is a mission of GENESIS team. Today we have everything to do it successfully. There are not just words.

  • We know everything about blockchain technology. We are fluent in such a tool as cryptocurrency.
  • Well-organized over the years, the company's infrastructure, extensive experience of joint work of team members with real estate in different countries, create all the conditions for quality work in international real estate markets.
  • We will use unique platform in our work that we will develop based of blockchain.

What does this give to our investors? The opportunity to invest money avoiding any risks to get maximum profit, using digital technology and cryptocurrency.

We are well known about all shortage of traditional investments in real estate. These are high risks, the absence of any guarantees and high price of entry. Realizing this, we try not only to provide customers with services, but to make the process of investment comfortable and secure. Today we are creating the new image of market. With us, investments in real estate become really fast, reliable and safe.

  1. Printout of Effective Data from Commercial Register
  2. Repurchase Token
  3. ITO Agreement
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Terms of Use
Vitaly Shashkov
Executive Partner
Vitaly Shashkov
Executive Partner

Has over 20 years of successful experience in the fields of investment and management of real estate. He owns the commercial and business areas in Russia and Spain. Previously, he was a Member of the Board of commercial bank. For several years he was working as the adviser of General Director on legal issues and head of legal and audit Department at "The Fuel and energy complex of St. Petersburg". Besides real estate Vitaly is owning the multiple businesses and audit firms for the last 15 years, one of which has the title of "The best auditing organization of SPb in housing sector." For 20 years he is owning a number of fishing and fish processing enterprises. Vitaly knows where to invest to make the maximum profit. That is why in GENESIS he is responsible for the strategy of investment and financial development.

Aleksander Bystrov
Executive Partner
Aleksander Bystrov
Executive Partner

Is the youngest of project managers. In the period from 2007 to 2016 he was the founder and head of construction in company participated in the construction of stadium "St. Petersburg", the unique complex of flood protection facilities in St. Petersburg (dam), the infrastructure for organization Olympic games, 2014, Sochi. He owns restaurants in Spain, as well as commercial offices in Germany and Russia. In GENESIS Alexander is responsible for the international cooperation, the realization of special projects. He is the head of the Department of marketing and PR.

Dmitry Navoznikov
Executive Partner / CEO
Dmitry Navoznikov
Executive Partner / CEO

Headed the Department of commercial and corporate law in one of the largest consulting companies of Russia — The Institute of problems of entrepreneurship in Saint-Petersburg. For a long time, he was the consultant on legal issues in RAO UES of Russia, coordinated the realization of joint ventures with PWC, Deloitte and KPMG. Prior to this he headed the projects for companies of RAO "UES of Russia", Gazprom, RAO "Russian Railways", JSC "SIBUR" and other major Russian holdings. Dmitry well knows the legal issues and knows how to manage major projects. He is responsible for the company's development strategy and current operating management, and he heads the legal Department of GENESIS.

Waldemar Reimer
Business Development
Waldemar Reimer
Business Development

The private investor and businessman. He has an extensive experience in crypto industry. He is responsible for the implementing of innovations and partnership, the development of joint projects in GENESIS.

Vladislav Avdonin
Vladislav Avdonin

He is responsible for the for creating and developing of automated systems, system analysis, development of functional and system requirements, technical specifications, design solutions, for the processing and storing of banking documents used in different computerized banking systems (as an architect).

Expert in the application of computer-generated signatures of different categories, including enhanced and qualified, expert in authentication and verification technologies using electronic keys, encrypting and decrypting of data using GOST algorithms.

He has more than 8 years experience in the developing of solutions using Java Platform industrial standards, Enterprise Edition on all levels of architecture (presentation level, business logical tier, data level).

He has the following certificates: IBM Certified Specialist FileNet Content Manager V5.1; IBM OmniFind Technical Sales Professional v1; The George Washington University Managing: IT Projects; The George Washington University: Project Leadership, Management and Communications.

Ruslan Gilazov
Ruslan Gilazov

He has 14 years of experience in the developing of UNIX, web interface (HTML, CSS, ECMAScript, JavaScript, JQuery). He has participated in the developing of federal projects for transport infrastructure. Experienced smart contract developer and blockchain expert. He is a professional photographer also.

Margarita Gordienko
Chief Financial Officer
Margarita Gordienko
Chief Financial Officer

She is responsible for the management of international business accounting and financial planning. She has the following certificates: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (АССА), Certified in Financial Management (CFM)

Aleksander Polyakov
Chief Engineer
Aleksander Polyakov
Chief Engineer

He has EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineer) certificate. In GENESIS he is responsible for the preparation of expert conclusions and operating management of real estate. Athlete, a member of international table tennis tournaments.

Alina Sсhwarzer
Marketing Expert
Alina Sсhwarzer
Marketing Expert

She has an extensive experience in advertisement and marketing, and had worked for a large American company for a long time.

Allan Ryder
Real Estate Expert
Allan Ryder
Real Estate Expert

He has 12 years of experience in real estate market of Western Europe.

Katarina Nilsson
Real Estate Expert
Katarina Nilsson
Real Estate Expert

Specialized on working with the real estate in Central Europe, experience is 9 years.

Victoria Holm
Real Estate Expert
Victoria Holm
Real Estate Expert

She is a lawyer. The last 8 years she is working with the real estate of Scandinavia.

Frequently asked questions

Where will be invested my money?

All funds collected on the sale of GES tokens will be used to purchase a commercial real estate in the ownership of platform.

How is formed the income and profits of GENESIS?

The main income of project is formed from the commercial usage of real estate owned by GENESIS. It is also planned to participate in the realization of the projects of construction and reconstruction of various real estate.

How can I leave a project if I change my mind?

The company has provided the repurchase of token GES at nominal price any time after the start of operations. In October 2018, an internal exchanger will be launched on the website of project, which will allow everyone to buy or sell tokens.

Is GENESIS platform an intermediary?

NO. This is the main difference between GENESIS and other platforms. All real estate will belong to the platform and, accordingly, to GES token holders.

What are the special projects?

Special projects are one of the activities of company — the investing in the reconstruction and construction of real estate. Special projects are aimed for getting an additional profit for our investors.

Does the project have a hard cap?

No. This is because the market has a lot of interesting offers for the sale of commercial real estate. And in simple words, the more investments attracts the project, the less are overhead costs, and the greater is the profit of the participants.

What will happen with unsold tokens?

All unsold tokens will be transferred to the project reserve. The sale of tokens from the reserve to the market will be done ONLY for the purchase of particular real estate. The sale will be launched on GENESIS website at market price on the date of sale.

How will the company reporting about it’s activities?

In the personal account of investor in special section will be provided the information about the activities of company and the necessary financial statements.

How often and where will the dividends be charged?

Dividends are charged every quarter on the private account of investors in the personal cabinet. The investor can withdraw funds from the personal wallet at his own discretion.

What is the principle of charging dividends?

All profits received by the project are divided by the quantity of tokens held by investors on the date of payment and transferred to investors depending on the quantity of tokens on the wallet in personal account.

What factors do influence to the growth of the price of GES token?

- The growth of the value of company's assets.

- The realization of special high-yield projects.

- The listing of GES tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges and affiliate platforms.

Why don't all team members have social media accounts?

This is a very frequently asked question! There is a certain stereotype that people launching ICO must be socially active, have accounts in different networks and constantly support them. We categorically do not agree. The founders of company are the adults who are making business for many years and just physically they do not have time to post on social networks. They don't need it and don’t want it. Here are the quotes of our team members:

Vitaly Shashkov: «I spend most of my time in planes and trains, meet business partners, participate in various conferences and meetings. I do not have a time to post the pictures with the moments of my life, and do not have desire. I prefer to spend my free time with my family.»

Dmitry Navosniksov: «To be honest, I do not wish to share my personal life with unfamiliar people. It is necessary to meet with friends, not to correspond.»

We can offer everyone to meet us personally at conferences and exhibitions. Come to our offices. We will inform you as much as possible about our upcoming meetings and trips, we will post photos and videos from the conferences and meetings on the website and the social pages of project. We are ready to meet the major investors in the convenient place for them.

Why is GENESIS registered in Estonia?

At this moment, Estonia has proved itself as a country with a rapidly developing infrastructure for doing business using digital technologies. It is important for our company to have all necessary permissions to work with cryptocurrency. Estonia is a member of European Union. It makes the work in Europe as convenient and transparent as possible.

Will be done an audit of company's activities?

Surely. One of the first-class European companies will be selected for audit.

What will guarantee the value of token, if there is a collapse of the currencies?

The GES token is not associated with cryptocurrency rates. Its value is denominated in real assets – real estate. The volatility or collapse of cryptocurrency market will not affect to the value of token and dividends.

Where can I check what real estate are bought by the Fund?

All information about the objects belonging to platform will be presented on the project website and in the investor's personal account: addresses, market value, areas and photos.

I know projects that offer profits of 300-500%. Why do you offer less?

In our opinion, most of these projects overrate their capabilities and profits. A lot of launched ICO will not be able to provide investors the dividends. These are short-term projects designed to increase the market price of the token. The real estate has always been a reliable investment, but not always very profitable. Using new technologies, we will be able to reduce costs and thereby bring real estate to a new level of profitability (from 15% to 25%).

How long-term is the project?

The cities are developing, the population and the economy are growing. This leads to the constant need in new areas. The project will work as long as there is our planet.

Why do you need a internal exchanger GDEX?

This will simplify the purchase and sale of tokens before entering the exchange. In the future, it will simplify the work with partner platforms.

What is REIT and what role does it play in the project?

REIT is, in fact, a large landlord who, by collective investments, buys the real estate for the purpose of its next rent. For our project we use the basic business processes of classical REIT, which provides the transparency of GENESIS platform: obligatory reporting, audit and voting mechanisms.

Document will be available 15.03.2018